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henslows sparrow square

DNR Should Keep Its Promise

Imagine a quiet landscape at the base of the Baraboo Hills where you can hear the rare song of the Henslow’s sparrow, view an eagle soaring overhead, and listen to the rustle of thousands of acres of prairie grasses. This … Continue reading

CSWAB Reviews Groundwater Results for Badger Ammo

Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger (CSWAB) has completed a review of recently-released environmental reports by the U.S. Army at Badger Army Ammunition Plant. Army testing indicates that groundwater quality is improving in certain areas in and around the former … Continue reading


Bluebird Trails at Badger Part of National Conservation Effort

Initially the bluebird trails at Badger Army Ammunition Plant were part of a study assessing risks to wildlife from exposure to residual soil contamination left by the Army. The bluebird trails at Badger are now part of a national effort … Continue reading


Treasures Surface at Badger

By Mimi Wuest More and more treasures are being found on the land at the old Badger Army Plant. Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger (CSWAB) has been running a series on their Facebook page of some of the birds … Continue reading


Time to get Batty about Badger

This little guy is a Big Brown bat, one of seven bat species found in Wisconsin. A mobile bat survey conducted in June 2010 at Badger Army Ammunition Plant found four of these bat species – two state Threatened and … Continue reading


Together, we are making a difference

Together with other members of the Badger Oversight Management Commission, CSWAB continues to actively support the Badger Reuse Plan – a collaborative community vision for the Badger Army Ammunition Plant lands that is the result of decades of effort by … Continue reading


CSWAB Calls for Reinstatement of Badger RAB Meetings

The U.S. Army is reporting that all drinking water wells near Badger Army Ammunition Plant continue to test safe.  However, recent testing has detected contaminants above health standards in some offsite groundwater monitoring wells, according to a formal review of … Continue reading


Consumption of Wild Edibles at Badger Discouraged

The anticipated opening of the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area to the public from April 12 to May 27 is exciting news for many however, we do have one word of caution. Over CSWAB’s objections, the evaluation and assessment of the … Continue reading


Songs of the Badger Tallgrass Prairie, Part 5

The Eastern Bluebird is among the many grassland and shrubland birds found at Badger Army Ammunition Plant. Two successful bluebird trails with more than 80 houses are carefully maintained and monitored by members of the Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin. … Continue reading


Songs of the Badger Tallgrass Prairie, Part 4

Documented rare species at Badger Army Ammunition Plant include the Eastern Whip-poor-will.  Made famous in folk songs, poems, and literature for their endless chanting on summer nights, Whip-poor-wills are easy to hear but hard to see. Their brindled plumage blends … Continue reading