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Congress Requires Military to Pursue Alternatives to Burning Munitions

With President Obama’s signature on the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, a nationwide grassroots campaign to ensure the safe disposal of our nation’s conventional munitions stockpile secured a key victory. The amendment, written by U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), will … Continue reading

Council Objects to Introduction of Motorcycles on State Non-Motorized Trails

The Wisconsin Nonmotorized Recreation and Transportation Trails Council has taken unanimous action in opposing introduction of on-off road motorcycles to the state’s trails. In comments this week to the Natural Resources Board, the Council said that these motor vehicles are … Continue reading


Noted Ecologist Comments on Badger Land Use Plan

With 35 years experience with the Wisconsin DNR, ecologist Mike Mossman has worked on many projects dealing with the effects of land use on plant and wildlife populations and endangered species. He has conducted bird, amphibian and mammal studies at … Continue reading


Madison Audubon Comments on Rec Area Plan

  The Madison Audubon Society (MAS) has submitted formal comments to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board supporting much of the draft Master Plan for the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area (SPRA) but objecting to two proposed activities that contradict previous agreements … Continue reading


CSWAB Asks for Re-Testing of Residential Wells near Badger

CSWAB has asked the Wisconsin DNR to consider re-testing of residential wells near Badger Army Ammunition Plant given the annual sampling failed internal quality controls. In August and September of 2016, the Army tested 52 residential wells near Badger. Cloromethane … Continue reading


WDNR Keeps Motorcycles/Rockets in Badger Plan

Despite our best efforts,  the WDNR draft Master Plan for the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area still proposes dual-sport motorcycles and sport rocketry on the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant lands. These loud disruptive uses contradict the conservation goals for the … Continue reading


CSWAB Joins Opposition to Michigan’s First Gold Mine in Decades

A Canadian exploratory mining company recently cleared a major hurdle on its path to build a controversial open pit gold, zinc and copper mine next to a major river along the Michigan-Wisconsin border, according to a report from Michigan Live. … Continue reading


EPA Agrees to Investigate Radiological Releases from Open Burning/Detonation

CSWAB is pleased to report that EPA Headquarters in Washington DC has agreed to our request to include radiological wastes in two upcoming national reports on open air burning and open detonation (OB/OD) of munitions. “One (report) will present all … Continue reading


Is the U.S. Finally Ending the Toxic Practice of Burning Old Munitions in Open Pits?

By Daniel Ross /AlterNet By the year 2020, the U.S. is expected to have on its hands a growing stockpile of munitions nearing 1.1 million tons that are no longer considered useful to the military. As a means of disposal, these munitions, including … Continue reading


Army Testing Confirms Mercury Still High in Lake Wisconsin: Public Meeting on July 27

In 2003, Gruber’s Grove Bay on Lake Wisconsin was placed on the federal list of Impaired Waters pursuant to the Clean Water Act.  Despite two previous dredging actions, the bay remains one of the most highly contaminated sediment sites in … Continue reading