How to Help

Devil's Lake State ParkThere are many things you can do to help ensure the complete cleanup of Badger Army Ammunition Plant:

1. Sign the Petition for Prairie and mail it to CSWAB. You can print copies of the petition and get people from your community to sign it.

2. Send a postcard. See Blue Skies Postcard Campaign.

3. Join Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger. Contact CSWAB and find out how.

4. Write a Letter! Your Letters to the Editor and to state and federal Legislators can make a difference!

5. Tell the world about what is happening in Wisconsin – put a link to CSWAB on your website. Just add this html code to the code for your links page.

<p><b><a href=””>Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger</a></b>

6. Share information. Send copies of articles and any other information you have about Badger Army Ammunition Plant to CSWAB.

7. Make a donation of any amount. Every donation counts.

8. Volunteer. Contact us to find out how you can help.

9. Join us on Facebook. Connect with us for updates, action alerts, and events while getting involved with the community and making a difference. And share links with your friends.

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