CSWAB plays a key role as a member group in the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, as we work collaboratively to fulfill our mission – working towards a sustainable world, free from violence and injustice.

Judy Miner, Executive Director,
Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

Watchdog groups come and go, but the ones that are effective are those with the courage to stand up to the bureaucracies over the long haul. CSWAB has the longevity and the tenacity to have been and to remain a critical force in protecting the public and the general environment from the harmful effects of the government’s polluting practices.

Craig Williams, Director,
Chemical Weapons Working Group

For two decades CSWAB has not only been an effective guardian of the environment around the Badger Army Ammunition Plant, but it has been in the forefront of national issues such as the burning of buildings and the establishment of standards for explosive compounds.

Lenny Siegel, Director,
Center for Public Environmental Oversight

We at Wisconsin Community Fund are proud to tout the community organizing of CSWAB as one of the earliest successes of our statewide grant making program. CSWAB blew the whistle on an environmentally unjust situation and continues the fight till this day. Thank you for protecting the land and people of Wisconsin. And thanks for giving us the opportunity to ally with you in the struggle.

Cindy Fesemyer, Executive Director,
Wisconsin Community Fund

I am involved with CSWAB in support of their super efforts to hold government agencies responsible for keeping our water, air, and lands safe and keeping those who have contaminated these resources from just walking away. True national and homeland security is only achieved when the health of the citizens and soldiers of this country is not placed at risk and our government and military leaders acknowledge the true extent of damage that has been done to the earth.

J. Gilbert Sanchez, Director,
Tribal Environmental Watch

We applaud CSWAB for holding the military and the federal government accountable to ameliorate the pollution caused to local water systems by military and industrial toxins – and for continually ensuring that the community engagement process respects the viewpoints of all cultures and stakeholders.

Catherine Joseph,
RESIST Foundation

In a complicated world of specialized science, big bureaucracies and changing agency representatives, CSWAB provides a critically-needed role of dedicated independent watchdog and accessible local advocacy that both current residents and future generations deserve.

Mike Slavney, Madison, WI

CSWAB has been on the forefront of the struggle to decontaminate our communities from the legacy of military toxics and engage in a collective effort for clean, healthy communities globally.

Jill Johnston, Program Coordinator,
Southwest Workers Union

We are located in Philadelphia near one the largest oil refineries in the country and near a now-closed government facility where many toxic chemicals were left in the community. CSWAB and RKTC have a lot in common – water contamination due to the government, pollution (3,000,000 gallons underground), and workers have died and many are still sick. We filed a Class Action suit to hold the government accountable that was not successful but we continue as I hope you and your organization will continue.

Mable Mallard, Executive Director,
The Right to Know Committee, South Philadelphia

The military is the nation’s number one polluter. The folks at CSWAB have taken on a formidable foe and shown how communities can play an important role in protecting human health and the environment from military waste problems.

Al Gedicks, Executive Secretary,
Wisconsin Resources Protection Council

As former Executive Director of the Military Toxics Project, I came to respect and appreciate Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger for work that was not only important to their own local issues, but to the advancement of preventative solutions to military toxics issues all over the country.

Cathy Lemar, former Executive Director,
Military Toxics Project

The strength and continued success of CSWAB are found in its commitment to empower stakeholders and tribal members in decisions that affect their community, their quality of life, and their environmental health. We are proud to support their continued efforts to assure the clean up and ecological restoration of the Badger Army Ammunition Plant and other contaminated military sites.

Crystel Anders, Executive Director,
Community Shares of Wisconsin

In addition to the vital work of CSWAB in protecting the health of people affected by the Badger Ammunition Plant, the organization serves as a leader in the national environmental health and justice movement to hold the military accountable.

Pamela Miller, Director,
Alaska Community Action on Toxics

Apparently, not only does it take a village to raise a child but it also takes one to force the Pentagon to do the right thing about its toxic legacy. The Norman Foundation has supported CSWAB’s efforts for many years because they are some of the most effective and relentless community activists we’ve ever come across. CSWAB’s tenacious grassroots battle to ensure a thorough cleanup of one decommissioned military facility stands as a model for other impacted communities across this country and the globe.

June Makela, Program Director,
Norman Foundation

CSWAB is one of the most effective and tenacious grass roots citizen environmental organizations in the State of Wisconsin, protecting the water and property values of countless people in the area by holding accountable those who contaminated the water near Badger and the regulators charged by law to protect it.

Tom Dawson,
Former Wisconsin Public Intervenor

As a pediatrician and member of Wisconsin Physicians for Social Responsibility (WPSR), I can’t say enough great things about CSWAB and the amazing work they have done (with little funding and many, many hours of volunteer work) over the last 2 decades. CSWAB has not only advocated to safeguard the health and future well being of families and future generations in their immediate community, but their activities have inspired other communities who are facing health and environmental consequences from groundwater and air pollution to speak up, become active and challenge those in government or industry who say clean up is impossible.

A patient of mine who lived near the BAAP and whose mothers and fathers were active founders of CSWAB are the reason I have become active in speaking out as a health professional about the consequences of environmental pollution. In fact, much of what I know about these issues was taught to me by CSWAB volunteers who have become the experts in community organizing and advocacy. Sharing your families’ resources to support CSWAB is one way you know this investment will work for a cleaner, healthier future for your family and generations to come.

Dr. Ann Behrmann,
Madison, Wisconsin

The transferring of lands to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources begins a new era of restoration for the Badger Army Ammunition Plant Lands. CSWAB’s leading role of protecting the community and the land is more important than ever as the BAAP lands become used more and more for recreation by the community.

Dr. Robert H. Horwich, Executive Director,
Community Conservation