Cease Fire Library

Permits: Department of Defense, Commercial & NASA

ATK Launch System RCRA permit Module energetic wastes 2016 (UT)
Anniston Army Depot HWP 2007 updated 2011 (AL)
Blue Grass Army Depot – Detonations Resume Notice 2016
Bluegrass Army Depot RCRA Permit Mod Request 2014 (KY)
Bluegrass Army Depot Title V Permit Renewal Application 2010 (KY)
Cape Canaveral AF Station OB OD permit 3-13-15 (FL)
Chemring formerly Martin Elec OB OD permit 11-27-07 (FL)
Chemring Ordnance RCRA Part B Permit Application 2016 (FL)
China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station Permit 11-16-2010
Colfax Clean Harbors 2007 permit from EPA website (LA)
Colfax Clean Harbors Draft Modified Haz Waste Permit 2015 (LA)
Colfax Clean Harbors Class 3 Permit Mod Request NOD #2 2015 (LA)
Colfax Clean Harbors Non-Compliance & Inspection Report 2016 (LA)
Colfax Clean Harbors RCRA Subtitle C Site ID Form 2014 (LA)
Colfax Clean Harbors Stormwater Draft Permit 7923911 from LDEQ website (LA)
Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center Title V Permit (IN)
Crane RCRA permit Document 80118917 (IN)
Crane RCRA permit Attachments 2013 (IN)
Crane RCRA Part A application revised 2013 (IN)
Crane Title V permit amendment 2015 80189254 (IN)
Dugway Proving Ground RCRA Part B Vol 1 1993 (UT)
Dugway Proving Ground RCRA Permit Module Energetic Wastes 2012 (UT)
Edwards Air Force Base APPLICATION Part B EOD Range (CA)
Eglin Air Force Base A Part B Subpart X OB_OD permit 1995 (FL)
Eglin Air Force Base OB_OD application 2001 (FL)
Eglin Air Force Base 2001 Storage and Thermal Treatment of Haz Waste (FL)
Eglin Air Force Base Final Permit Receipt March 2016 (FL)
Eglin Air Force Base Notated Pages from RCRA Part B re allowable wastes June 2016
Fort Polk Hazardous Waste Operating Permit (LA)
Fort Polk Metals Pesticides Background Study 1998 (LA)
Fort Polk Metals Pesticides Background Study Tables 1998 (LA)
Hawthorne Army Depot RCRA Permit 2013 (NV)
Hawthorne RCRA Permit Renewal Fact Sheet (NV)
Holston Army Ammunition Plant Mod 1 (A-1009) 12072015-1 (TN)
Holston Army Ammunition Plant Report Aug 2015 PCB Inspection
Holston Army Ammunition Plant Title 5 Operating Permit 558406 (TN)
Holston Army Ammunition Plant Redacted Report on Safer Alternatives 2012 (TN)
Holston RCRA Subpart X Open Burn Permit undated
Holston RCRA Subpart X Open Burn Permit approval 2011
Holston Title V Renewal Application – Section 16 OB (TN)
Holston OBOD Permit TNHW-148 w response to comments (TN)
Iowa Army Ammunition Plant Title V Permit 2012 (IA)
Kilgore Flares Co. Part B Applications 2015 (TN)
Kilgore Flares Request Temporary Open Burn Increase 14 Feb 2017 (TN)
Kilgore Flares TDEQ Authorization Temp Burn Increase 24 Feb 2017 (TN)
Letterkenny Army Depot NPDES permit OB OD grounds (PA)
Letterkenny Army Depot RCRA Part B Permit 2014 (PA)
Marpi Point Explosives Detonation Admin Order (CNMI)
McAlester Army RCRA Permit w Table of Contents 2013 (OK)
McAlester Army RCRA Permit Waste Analysis Section 2013 (OK)
McAlester Army RCRA Permit Deactivation Furnace Section 2013 (OK)
McAlester Army RCRA Permit OB OD Section 2013 (OK)
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Wallops Flight Facility Permit 2012 (VA)
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Wallops OB OD Permit Modification 2013 (VA)
Radford AAP Corrective Action Permit Application 2015 (VA)
Radford AAP Open Burning 2013 Permit (VA)
Radford DU Informational Sheet FINAL May 2016
Radford Arsenal Screening Levels Ecological Risk Assessment 2005 (VA)
Red River Army Depot Hazardous Waste Permit 2012 (TX)
Redstone U.S. Army Garrison 2015 Emergency Permit OB OD (AL)
Redstone U.S. Army Garrison 2016 Emergency Permit Application (AL)
Redstone U.S. Army Garrison OB OD 2010-20 final permit (AL)
St. Marks Powder OB OD permit 2-6-12 (FL)
Sierra Army Depot OB OD Closure Documentation (CA)
Tooele Army Depot Permit Attachment 6 OB OD Static Fire (UT)
Utah Test and Training Range (Hill Air Force Base) RCRA Energetic Wastes 2013 (UT)
Utah Test and Training Range (Hill Air Force Base) Title V Compliance Report 2015 (UT)
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Underwater Munitions and Ranges

Underwater Munitions States Perspective Oregon

Voices for CSWAB

“As former Executive Director of the Military Toxics Project, I came to respect and appreciate Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger for work that was not only important to their own local issues, but to the advancement of preventative solutions to military toxics issues all over the country.”

Cathy Lemar
Former Executive Director, Military Toxics Project

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