CSWAB and over 100 environmental health, environmental justice, health-affected, and labor groups have called on President Barack Obama to release an EPA report on dioxins, one of the most toxic chemicals on earth.  In a January 23 letter to President Obama, the groups decried President Bush’s last minute gift to the chemical industry calling for another review of the science and prohibiting EPA from issuing urgently needed regulations of dioxin emissions and cleanups.  Organized by the Center for Health, Environment & Justice, the national coalition has called for the release of the EPA’s “Dioxin Reassessment” which has stymied the development of federal regulations for over 15 years.

The action is part of CSWAB’s campaign to stop proposed thermal treatment of Army wastes containing high concentrations of PCBs and lead – a process which could result in the uncontrolled release of dioxin and other toxins to the environment.   The decontamination oven, located on the far west side of the plant near the Bluffview community, uses heat to degrade residual explosive material that may be present on pipes, flanges, and other equipment.