waverocks_blue_duotoneThe Wisconsin DNR has provided a written response to a series of questions posed by CSWAB following a public meeting on groundwater conditions near the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant earlier this year. The questions covered a wide range of topics including private well testing, ethyl ether detections in groundwater, degradation products of certain munitions contaminants, and the local geology.

Members of CSWAB’s Environmental Health Committee recently met with DNR representatives to discuss the agency’s written response and cooperative efforts to improve community involvement and a better understanding of water quality issues in the area. As part of this effort, a copy of the DNR’s November 4 response and CSWAB’s corresponding questions have been posted on the CSWAB website (below) and the DNR’s website for the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area.

CSWAB Environmental Health Committee Questions DNR Response Nov 2014