Closed-door decision making continues to obstruct the public’s right-to-know and to participate in decisions that affect human health and the environment.  As a result, the level of cleanup in certain areas in and near Badger Army Ammunition Plant is inadequate, leaving contaminant levels that place human health and the environment at risk.

At the River Pumping Station on Lake Wisconsin, for example, Army consultants report that levels of lead and PCBs in soils exceed Residential Direct Contact Values for human health – standards that are based on cancer risk from exposures through incidental ingestion, inhalation, and dermal absorption.  At an internal meeting last week, without public participation or knowledge, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources made a decision of “no further action”, releasing the Army from any further obligations for study or cleanup.

In order to assure prairie restoration, sustainable agriculture, recreation, and other future uses are successful, we must work together to ensure the Army at Badger is in full compliance with environmental law and that the decision-making process is inclusive and consistent from the first site to the last.

CSWAB is currently organizing public opposition to the precedent-setting decision and needs your support.

According to Army reports, the River Pump Station building may have been painted with lead and PCB contaminated paint many times since its construction in 1942.  Contamination on this property was likely caused by paint and dust chips that were deposited on nearby soil when old paint was sandblasted off.